10 Ocak 2010 Pazar

starting from krishnamurti...just asking loud...

To be free is not merely to do what u like or to break away from outward circumstances which bind u, but to understand the whole problem of dependence: the dependence on another for one's happiness...Do u know what it means to depend on somebody for ur happiness???That's where u become a slave...Have u ever been free???

Well i don't think or remember a time when i was really free...bondage is all over my mind and soul..bondage is all over my body...seems like i enjoy binds..maybe because it's the easy way..which comes with acceptance..acceptance which creates the situation or the other way around...anyway i'm kinda lost in that space..

relationships of any kind-parents,friends,colleagues,lovers-are based on dependence...that's how the mechanism of the society works..the main goal is to make u a slave...so how to be awake,how to run away from those strings who are attaching us???

let's find our centers back..

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